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Routine Septic System Cleaning in South Berwick, ME

Like any part of your home, your septic tank requires routine maintenance to keep it working efficiently. Prolong the life of your tank with septic system cleaning services from Hussey Septic.

Prevent Problems

Blockage in your septic system can become a costly problem. Don't let the buildup cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Instead, give our crew a call to schedule routine septic system pumping services. We remove all sludge and scum, clean and inspect aerator filters, and clean and inspect baffles to make sure that your system works properly.
Worker Inside of a Septic Hole - South Berwick, ME

Benefits of Cleaning Every Two to Three Years:

  • Extends Life of Tank
  • Protects Drain Field & Sprinklers
  • Prevents Household Backups
  • Prolongs Life of Pumps

Additional Services:

  • Septic Tank Repairs
  • Pipeline & Pump Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer & Drainage System Installations
  • Pump Replacements
  • Sewer Backup Services & More

We Replace & Repair:

  • Effluent Pumps
  • Aerators
  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Float Switches
  • Control Panels
  • Lids & Risers & More

Contact us to schedule our septic tank pumping services so we can prevent costly problems with your tank.